This is an introduction to machine learning an neural networks in a simple and intuitive way. The concepts are explained in a way different from the traditional explanations for neural networks, with a new perspective.

Deep learning, neural networks and machine learning have been the buzz words for the past few years. Surely, there is a lot that can be done using neural networks.

There has been immense research and innovation in the field of neural networks. …

This is a tutorial for active learning in Python with an explanation of the concept and detailed explanation of the steps in code

What is active learning?

Active learning is a machine learning technique in which we use less labelled data and interactively label new data points to improve the performance of the model.

Train dataset = Labelled data points
Pool = Unlabelled data points

We start with some labelled data points (train dataset). There is…

An understanding of what ULMFiT is; what it does and how it works; and the radical shift that it caused in NLP

Natural language processing has picked up pace over the last decade and with the with the increasing ease of implementing deep learning, there have been major developments in this field. However, it was lagging behind the level of expertise attained in the field of computer vision.

The main reason for…

Akhilesh Ravi

UG student at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar; Pursuing a dual major in CS and EE; ML, Computer Vision and Data Science Enthusiast

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